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now means even the nuclearization do not be completed do you notice this hand on puno from now on iran has been the country perhaps expressing the greatest degree of skepticism over the talks the country foreign minister advise pyongyang to be vigilant when dealing with trump in light of the fact he pulled out of the twenty fifteen nuclear agreement with tehran. the us administration's failure to honor its commitments to others particularly the j c p a as an international agreement endorsed by a un resolution makes is watch mr trump and america's behavior with much pessimism for now we cannot be optimistic about their behavior and i think the north korean government should deal with this issue very carefully the united states is not the sort of country that anyone can trust as the iranians know quite well that j c p o a was an agreement that iran made many sacrifices for iran shut down much of its
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peaceful nuclear program a legitimate nuclear program so under these circumstances i think the iranians have a very good reason to be skeptical and the north koreans should be careful even though iran has very good relations with south korea more extensive relations but the united states is dangerous. living on a group of real way workers in paris have tried to storm a t.v. channel accusing it of anti union propaganda. was. i. opt to one hundred workers trying to enter the metropole television building and were still by police it comes after more than two months of nationwide transport strikes over the government's labor reforms the channel has drawn widespread anger over its coverage of the strikes. meanwhile
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over in germany there has been further discord in the government over how to deal with migrants arriving in the country it's been reported that anglo american has rejected a comprehensive sixty three point plan put forward by her interior ministry g two a disagreement on asylum procedures here shorty's petero are. what we were expecting on tuesday was that horse and the whole forward deliver what is being called his migration master plan then as the tuesday progressed we realized that wasn't going to happen the plan itself essential e even though it is hearing incredibly detail essentially means that germany would be able to turn away migrants out the border that should be the responsibility of the not the e.u. nation to look after seems very simple no that is not and that has caused a huge run in between angle of merkel. for the interior minister as we understand it at the moment the author is refusing to budge from his position on this but it
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comes at a time when the whole asylum process is very much under the microscope here in germany just last week a failed asylum application was arrested in iraq after fleeing germany know he is the main suspect in the brutal rape and murder of a fourteen year old girl in the city of mind a lot of questions being asked over just why this person who'd failed in his our application for asylum was still in the country at the time of this of this fourteen year old girls killing now this isn't just a split that's in germany though over what to do over the migration policy it is an e.u. wide split in some sense we've seen italy come forward and say they weren't going to accept a a ship in the mediterranean that was full of migrants now that move was strongly criticized by the french prime minister. spain has indicated it's ready to work on the boat we happy to hear that and i tell you mr deputy that we obviously are ready
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to help the spanish authorities and examine the situation of those on the boat who wish to apply for refugee status you course the hopper is trying to circle some allies across europe we've heard from the italian foreign ministry saying that. who is his opposite number in rome that they will be having meetings on immigration in the near future we also know that the austrian chancellor sebastiaan curtseys in berlin for meetings will also fit in a meeting on wednesday with mr hoffa on this issue but this is where it comes to a point this isn't just a merkel is the hoff the problem this is a germany e.u. problem as well because at the end of the month angle a merkel goes to brussels for the big summit where she's got to try and convince of the e.u. nations to get on board and show united front in her migration overhaul that she wants to see even sweden and denmark and of that neverland's
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entranced. on systems against. illegal migration so i think the german government has to do as well according to the majority open opinion among the european member states and i think the zero for most us very well in two years i'll be up there following the kind of search it was to be and there will be a kind of a compromise but miss very strong influence of the of the variance just the party of the. city your. football fans from right around the world are descending on russia for the world cup which starts in less than forty eight hours and some russian fans are also having to cover huge distances to see their favorite stars in action this group traveled from siberia to see team france
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in an open training session i decided moscow and in fact they had something to get nervous a by to after france's teenage sensation killing them by a limp tied with an ankle injury following a teammate's tackle that p.s.g. man thankfully later tweeted it was nothing serious he huge missed the world. they're also putting a french funds in attendance of the stadium and they told us how far they think their country can go in the tournament. lead to the senate minority will be disappointed if we don't make it to the final. i think that we can get to the forno although i'm not sure i could say you will win. one or two women who want to circumstance. and liking the optimism well despite what seems like no end of media history of whether funds should travel to russia citing safety fears police from thirty three countries have joined forces to make everyone feel about it safer and for foreign funds to hear a language they understand during their stay for the twenty thousand finals on
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tuesday joint international police center was opened based on a police academy and a suburb of moscow the security personnel will share intelligence aimed at keeping kreutzer peaceful the officers say they don't expect any trouble during the upcoming football extravaganza. russian. phone food move. being so removed. will leave the room. with low mostly police. who just ensure that communication between the russian police announce around the right behavior will be expected with friends and hopefully sure the police can do with any issues that do come up around the fence you may feel there's something the discrimination football stars of times gone by from the russian national team they are very much looking forward to the term been so far at number one have told us they are impressed by the hospitality and security in place for their funds. this if you.
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use you can see the. police receive. the fans shouldn't be scared of anything here in russia a lot of forces are concentrated on keeping order and russia wants to show its hospitality. incidents will be stopped. it took a lot of thirty two countries are competing in the world cup the latest squads to arrive were one of the favorites germany and england to hope they will do well ahead of their opening games on sunday and monday respectively meanwhile i want to take you to egypt's training camp and their fans are breathing a collective sigh of relief because their star player has returned to training ahead of schedule he surface a shoulder injury in the recent champions league final it was unclear whether he would be able to play in russia however the liverpool striker is still all unlikely to feature in egypt the opening game against uruguay on friday and although
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brazil's first match is just days away the squad has still been finding time for a spot of fun some of the players chose the unusual way of saying happy birthday to two of their fellow teammates pelting them with eggs and flour at the end of a training session star player neymar also partly the ringleader of. well one person who will be closely following the name progress is former russia striker shaaban he told us he's optimistic about his own country's chances as well but picked up brazil and fronts us two of the outstanding team to head the tournament. and the strength to fight for the states will support somebody i think. a lot of talent place and also young and. very strong. and i think.
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able to make something special on the pitch. meanwhile our very own arty hosts considerable of a very best minds in the game just say motoring you'll be making his predictions now last week he picked the countries to make it out of the group stages no he sighed who he believes will be the last fourteen stumping. it. is getting even harder for portugal why of course of course. because of my heart but it's. really a tough match and then spain again this was the same question very likely to draw because they really are. different just
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a team. from this against nigeria and i would say. from history to win. in australia. i'm going to leave because i cannot predict this whole brazil mexico. i like. the results in germany. you. mean with poland's news in the border in belgium soon they will look good enough to continue the frontal attack on the do its. soul building this is. all together if you feel all of this has to be here because. this will only get told to beat you to this face and deal with. the piss.
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that's the. i will for the. it is the real and it's. not for me that my whole leaving. germany. germany is just. one more second front for germany. because to south america the big brother is brazil and doesn't seem to be ashamed to be germany if that's by this time i'll be already straining religious or for the sake. of trying the little that is getting really dishes for me to learn even though. i. have so much expertise from jews i believe you don't miss it. interesting pics there are by jews say on for more of the month united manager's
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predictions head on over to r.t. dot com because if you think you know better you can challenge this self-proclaimed happy one just head to facebook or twitter and use that house not murdering you. president giani in frontino has been taking part in a kick up by to in moscow before the congress of football's world body meets on that whedon's the aleutian important reason for that because member states are expected to vote on the host for the twenty twenty six world cup ortiz alexy on a chef ski sums up what the two competing bids are offering. the joint u.s. mexico and canada bid to host the twenty twenty six world cup looks like a done deal at least on paper the north american bids sole rival morocco barely passed the feat as a valuation scoring two point seven overall against for savings and accommodation in morocco were considered high risk the african country would need to invest
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a whopping sixteen billion dollars into infrastructure to host that event and the projected revenue of the north american world cup is two times bigger. the morocco twenty twenty six bid is well presented and strong in terms of government commitments but would need to build most of its tournament related and going to infrastructure the united twenty twenty six bid on the other hand has promising levels of infrastructure already in place and fully operational but there is one obstacle on the world cup journey across the pond and its name is donald trump starting with purely practical things after all the us president introduced a travel ban for a number of arab countries yeah we probably will be gone by twenty twenty six but you never know. due to new entry regulations that are currently being proposed in the united states in relation to citizens from certain countries there are significant risks to discrimination free entry to the country he is also building
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a wall on the border with a country which is part of that bid mexico wait what trump also demands mexico pays for that wall occasionally getting a very hard no from the neighbors down south hardly the most cordial alliance ever . know mexico will never pay for a while not now not ever sincerely mexico all of us and then there's a personal aspect as well remember the famous or should i say infamous whole countries remark of the united states is. racist he really is the devil this is an actual quote from the actual president this is the gift that he decided to give the american people they're not country for one donald trump isn't their president. well technically those countries account for fifty four votes and that is more than half of the necessary hundred and four needed to win the bid hard to blame them if
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they decide to support morocco against the u.s. and now add that to the football federation's of the countries blacklisted by trump and when the us president tried to extinguish the blaze and secure the bid he might have made things even worse. the u.s. has put together a strong bid with canada and mexico for the twenty twenty six world cup it would be a shame if countries that we always support were lobby against the u.s. bit why should we be supporting these countries when they don't support us including at the united nations today's on the gianni in front dinos rain is going through a massive reforms and one of them is that the decision on who gets the world cup will be made through an open public vote by all member associations it leaves one to wonder if trump had that in mind when he tried to bully the countries into voting for the u.s. . ski r.t.
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yeah just a note the twenty twenty six world cup will be the biggest since the tournament began in one thousand thirty and will consist of forty eight teams that's sixteen more than the current format and football consultant and former communications director was to do the earlier to break his expectations for the vote interesting shot this. is it easier to try and host this massive tournament in place or does it make more sense to try and absolutely absolutely want when this would be kind of your only factor an hour then it should go to morocco already when you have one single country but different states it is very complicated and you can imagine if you have three different legal systems in all. it's for sure more more complicated than if you have one single country either the end of the money is talking and if you see the per the forecast is more than fourteen billion u.s.
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dollars for four for the united bid and i think seven billion still enough but it's half for the more. i think that there will be the main reason for a lot of voters to go for united no doubt there's also been some extreme lobbying going on from each of the big hopes of. dalton been trying to get the african nations on side morocco jumped out in front in that do you think has the upper hand in terms of trying to wrestle votes or at least support what you just mentioned trump for me trump was the best campaigner for morocco and. i don't want to quote what he said the africans but i think. he was not very helpful let's put it like that for the united bit and it might be difficult for some countries to vote. for the united bit purely because of
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geopolitical reasons and because of the trump and miss ration that will be for sure something negative for united bit. just a reminder the opening match all of the twenty eighteen world cup russia versus saudi arabia kicks off thursday moscow's luzhniki stadium at the one month and one day long tournaments will be in every host city giving you a taste of the action this is our take.
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trump kim summit in singapore was certainly rich when it comes to optics but what about the substance both leaders are clearly looking for a win in process has started there are plenty of obstacles ahead and no shortage of people whose worst nightmare like come true peace coming to the korean peninsula. you. guys are welcome to the kaiser report to get the you know the homeboy so much to cover and in just a few minutes to cover it so let's get into it stacy ranks you know we have an innovation economy don't we and in fact we're so innovative here that we actually have innovations in poverty you know where inventing new ways to be poor why america is the world's first poor rich country or how american collapse is made of
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a new kind of poverty consider the following statistics the average american can scrape together five hundred dollars for an emergency a third of americans can't afford food shelter and health care how to care for a family now cost twenty eight thousand about half of the median wage which is sixty thousand dollars and by themselves of course statistics a little but together these facts speak volumes the story they are being beginning to tell is this america it seems is becoming something like the world's first poor rich country i read that it's very interesting they get into this it's innovation on poverty it's a mix for elements later on in the article including what he called a certain pure tonic goal. radicalism that prevents people from. escaping a mindset of deterministic. pursuit of
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goals outside of a more community minded spirit that is also contributing to this new neo poverty invention of the american. geist did that make sense oh no. there why oh oh. just checking yes yes it's been confirmed that made sense just to put into context this guy is a professor at i believe it's harvard his name is a mer hake he also lives in the u.s. and london europe you know so like us he's had the experience of that there is another alternative to how you run certain services and basic necessities of life how you provide those to the population whether it's most important being health care shelter education things like that so he's coming from actual experience
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of you know you can have a health care system that is not so violent and gruesome and abusive to the members of the health care system you can have it you don't need to have this outrageously expensive crazy system it's not necessary there's a way like germany to educate your population at a low cost to all and yet achieve great results and huge manufacturing capacity but yes the puritanical kind of background that you you must there's a certain sort of. germanic puritan his who of like you wanting to like abuse yourself for no reason and yet it's caused great distress to american exceptionalism is a concept that doesn't really apply to america it's not exceptional in very many ways and that in many important ways not in the ways that you would look toward in a society that is healthy there's only one country in the world that deserves that
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kind of exceptional list moniker and that of course is france the french exceptionalism as well justified it's a jewel amongst country but is it getting hungry just thinking of the show as elisa they know was a croissant. well this guy is a. loss of her as well so she puts it she says america appears to be pioneering a new kind of poverty altogether one for which we do not yet have a name it is something like living at the knife's edge constantly being on the brink of ruin one small step away from catastrophe and disaster ever at the risk of falling through the cracks it is two components massive inflation for the basics of life coupled with crushing asymmetrical risk so that asymmetrical risk is in particular how he points out that risk basically has to been taken off the balance sheets of all the corporations and you see that reflected in the s. and the stock prices and the banks stock prices and values is they don't take any
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risk at all there's a huge amount of socialism in america for corporations for the corporate elite whether it's in the energy sector of the banking sector or of the housing sector is huge and that's how the housing sector the largest private land lord in the states is blackstone group so this is a huge private equity group and they own the biggest section of they've bought up on the cheap all the properties handed out by basically fannie mae and freddie mac. for them to take over during you know during and after the financial crisis they also have a majority of the a.t.f. market the exchange traded fund market which is just a rant a system of putting black rock in a position to scrape money away from pension funds in another land grab money grabbing way completely unnecessary again he talks about it's not necessarily on
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paper absolute poverty because the america has on paper one of the highest income levels in the world is something like the fourth or fifth highest after several small european countries but the average american has a relatively high income that of a person an anomaly rich country only his income does not go very far most of it is not by attempting to afford the basics of life we've already seen how steep health care costs are but then there is education. there is transport there is interest and rent there is media and communications there is child care and elderly care all of these things reduce the average american to constantly living right at the edge of ruin one paycheck away from puny one emergency away from losing it all like even just the childcare thing for example you talk about france i have a girlfriend in france who had a child she didn't have to work for like three years after and the state provided basically all sorts of access to child care from a few months old she could take it to the crash take the child to the crash and go look for work or go have time on her own my sister who had to return to work soon
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after having a child basically the childcare costs were more than her income. what's that that seems like insane well i often hear the argument that well sure are in your they have the greater lifestyle and but reason being they don't want to spend any money on their military because the us are a military protectorate but how stupid are americans to pay for europeans defense at the expense of having quality of life so most americans quality of life compared to most europeans is horrible and they're subsidizing european quality of life so if you're living in france era living awesome really great compared to the typical american life and thanks to the american taxpayer so. tanika lism gets in the way because a pure time ago will say that while we are down with god you know our belief in god
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gives us the strength to subsidize the european lifestyle europeans have a great lifestyle but we've got god so it isn't really a fair exchange i would posit no well everybody has their own different. views on religion and what they want and maybe you know the monks live in and you know. hair shirts and they live totally basic lives and whatever but i want to talk about this article because he says that you know the basics of life the costs are soaring in the united states but incomes have collapsed at the same time so you have health care didn't used to cost half of a median income even a decade ago after all but now it does so what happens when in a decade or two health care costs all of the median income how can an economy let alone a society function that way so in a way i'm kind of curious like our. in north carolina obamacare costs went up forty four percent and then another like thirty percent last year the projected to go up
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another ten or twenty percent next year so in a way i'm kind of fascinated by this gruesome experiments it's kind of you know like really gruesome experiments of the past in history that we've seen as like how how gruesome will this get like how awful like what will we do to ourselves to quit . as they would say in france look that up and you'll be appalled but you mention medicare as well and this is the health care system in france is kind of like the medicare system here in medicare you still have insurance the government basically provides insurance however and sets rates for things like m.r.i. and x. rays and things like that so you have to be you pretty much have to be sixty five to get on to medicare some long term disabled are also put on to medicare quite early but the headline this week from the u.s. government remember the this is a body of people going to buy trump the republicans but medicare to go broke three
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years earlier than expected trustees say in twenty seventeen medicare covered fifty eight point four million people eighty five percent of them seniors at a cost of seven hundred ten point two billion dollars very poor also show that medicare is total cost will grow from three point seven percent of g.d.p. in two thousand and seventeen to five point eight percent by two thousand and thirty eight. so the year is going to go bankrupt max yes twenty twenty six just when you qualify for this state run a fish and more efficient french like health care insurance policy that. i thought i just gave the devil you know i've been trying to stay one step ahead of the devil my whole life the american collapse that everyone a born after me unfortunately is going to be horribly. treated by the progressively surveillance. state and gulag casino.


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